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You can search the AIM Template Service for a template that you can customize in ATB. Once you find the template you want to use in the search results, you can import it.

  1. Click the Template tab.
  2. Below the left panel, click Publish template group button and then select Search Templates.
    The Template Search page appears.
    Template search page of ATS. Options described in procedure.
  3. Narrow your search by entering information into the fields. If you do not enter any information into the fields, all template groups available in the AIM Template Service appear, and it may take longer to see the results of your search. The following fields are available.



    Template Name

    Template name

    Template Code Desc

    Template code description

    Template Description

    Template description

    Template Author

    Person who created the template in the AIM-enabled application


    Disease that is the topic of the templates in the template group

    Body Part

    Body part that is the topic of the templates in the template group


    Any of the various types of equipment or probes used to acquire images of the body, such as radiography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging

  4. Click Search.
    All templates matching the search criteria you entered appear.
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