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The NCRI collection was submitted as part of a small pilot project to show international collaboration between caBIG and the United Kingdom's National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI).  The cases consist of multiple pulse-sequence MR imaging studies (including rectal coil probes) from 6 prostate cancer patients. Two of the cases (ASP308 and FPH309) also contain annotation files which point to the corresponding digitized histopathology slides stored at NCRI's servers.

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You can view and download these images on NBIA. You do not need to log in unless you want access to advanced features in the site. Simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Click the "Search Images" link in the center of the page
  • Scroll down through the search criteria until you see the "Collections" section
  • Select the "NCRI" check box
  • Press "Submit"

This will return the full list of cases included in the collection. To download the associated DICOM images:

  • Press the "Check All" button and then "Add to Basket"
  • Press the "View My Basket" button at the bottom of the page (or "View Contents" in the left menu bar)
  • Press the "Download Manager" button to open a Java applet and specify where you'd like to save your images
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