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Introduction to the CDE Curation Tool

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caDSR Users and Metadata Consumers


Course 1045: Introduction to CDE Curation Tool provides users with information on the user interface (UI) and basic functions of the Common Data Element (CDE) Curation Tool. Specific UI materials apply to the Search Parameters Pane, Search Results and Action Menu Icon. The Advanced Filter and Navigation Menu are also discussed in detail.

Credit for the Course: In order to receive credit for this course, you will need to register for course 1040 by contacting NCI CBIIT Application Support and obtain a score of 80% or higher on the 1041 accompanying quiz.


  • Explain the purpose and primary functions of the CDE Curation Tool.
  • Identify individual portions of the CDE Curation Tool user interface.
  • Describe how to search for metadata based on specific attributes.

  • Evaluate search results.

  • Identify and define specific menu navigation items.

  • Use Advanced Filter options to refine searches.

  • View details if a specific search result item.


Applicable Roles:

Application Developer
Context Administrator
Forms Builder
Metadata Analyst
Metadata Curator Using Forms
Metadata Curator Using UML Models
Protocol Builder
Subject Matter Expert

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  1. You can download the workbook and quiz for this course by clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the page.