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caAdapter Fundamentals

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caDSR Users and Metadata Consumers


  • Discuss the role of caAdapter at NCI CBIIT
  • Describe caAdapter's features, architecture and capabilities
  • Demonstrate how to use caAdapter's four main tabs

Description: caAdapter facilitates HL7 v3 message building, parsing and validation based on HL7's specific message definitions. It provides the capability to perform vocabulary validation of core structural attributes through integration with caBIO APIs for the Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS). caAdapter also provides a graphical user interface (GUI) and backend engine for mapping and converting clinical data in the form of comma separated values (CSV) files into HL7 v3 XML messages. This course is an introduction to caAdapter features.


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Applicable Roles:

  • Application Developer Using APIs
  • Application Developer
  • Metadata Curator - Using UML Models

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