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Step 1: Complete all of the required courses for you assigned role.

Production caDSR accounts are only granted to individuals who have completed the required caCORE curriculum. For learners who identify as a Metadata Curator Using Forms or Metadata Curator Using UML Models, the required courses for each of these roles are identified in the Training Curriculum and Roles matrix.

We have also provided a checklist of skills a curator should be able to demonstrate in order to have curation permissions.

You must complete all of the required courses to apply for a curation account in the caDSR.


Step 2: Request a Production caDSR account from NCICB Application Support

Send an email to NCICB Application Support: and copy/paste the following, filling out your specific details where appropriate:

"I have completed the required caCORE Courses for the role of Metadata Curator Using (Forms / UML Models). I am requesting a Production curation account in the caDSR. My information is below."

Name: <your complete name here>
caDSR Training Account ID: <if you already have a cadsr training account, please include it here>
Email address: <your email address here>
Phone number: <your phone number here>
Address (street, city, state, zip): <your complete address here>
Organization: <your organization or affiliation>
Account Type: PRODUCTION
Contexts: <list all the contexts for which you are requesting curatorial authority (e.g. NCIP)>

Step 3: Contact your Assigned Preceptor

You will receive a confirmation and your account request will be reviewed and approved by your Context Administrator. Once your attendance record has been confirmed and your caDSR account has been created, you will be assigned a Preceptor. Your assigned Preceptor will guide you while you continue to gain experience using and curating for the caDSR. You will receive a list of more detailed steps from your Preceptor when they are assigned.

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