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caDSR Online Training Schedule

NOTE:  Contact Application Support to register for courses. 

The prerequisite training workbooks and quizzes are now available as attachments to the course description wiki pages.  Follow the instructions provided in the workbooks to complete the quizzes and receive credit for courses.

caDSR Training for Forms Based Curators and Form Builders will be offered quarterly throughout the year.  Register for online classes by contacting Application Support.

caDSR Curator and Form Builder Training - February 2022

Course Offerings

Course 3140, Using the Admin Tool, is only being offered to individuals with an NIH account.  Contact Application Support for additional details.

All other caDSR courses are self-paced – access them at any time by clicking the name of the course in the table above!

Select the course title to view course descriptions, objectives, prerequisites, training materials and references.

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