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Progression:  Round 5


Progression NCI CRF Standards created on June 11th, 2018

Progression NCI CRF Standards created on December 9th, 2013


 Pilot workflow steps. 1) CTROC reviews and approves. 2) Biostatistician reviews and approves for Cooperative Groups. 3) A participant for each of the NCI cooperative groups approves any content that has changed since. 4) Working group reviews and responds to changes from community review and CBIIT staff review content to ensure the use of standards. 5) Module is distributed for community review. 6) Working group, with CBIIT curator matches data elements to all questions and achives consensus on final list of elements. 7) Working group reviews and partitions content as Mandatory, Conditional, Optional, or non-harmonized. 8) Working group, NCI Cooperative Groups and NCI divisions aggregate and identify common content to retain, resolves discrepancies, and achieves harmonization. 9) CBIIT staff collects existing CRFs, and creates and inventory of content.


CRF Stars:  Working Group Membership

* Represents working group leads


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