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NCI CTRP Registration Site User's Guide v3.9.1

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Contents of this Page

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Application Support

If you have problems with the program or have suggestions for any of the CTRP User Guides, contact the NCI Clinical Trials Reporting Office using the information and guidelines provided in the Application Support section below.

About this Guide

This guide provides an overview of the NCI Clinical Trials Reporting Program Trial Registration Site (CTRP Registration Site) and instructions for using its tools and resources to submit new clinical trials and amend and/or update those currently registered and verified in the CTRP. Additionally it allows registered users to search for and view details of existing registered clinical trials.


This guide is designed for members of the NCI clinical research community, who, in their roles as submitters and/or principal investigators, register details about clinical trials for use by the broader scientific community.

Topics Covered


Application Support


When submitting support requests, please include:

  • Your contact information, including your telephone number
  • The name of the application/tool you are using
  • The URL if it is a Web-based application
  • A description of the problem and steps to recreate it
  • The text of any error messages you have received

Contacting the Clinical Trials Reporting Office

If you have questions or comments regarding this document, or other CTRP topics, contact the Clinical Trials Reporting Office (CTRO) at


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