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You can register Industrial/Other trials in the CTRP by importing them directly from You must enter a Identifier (NCT ID) for each trial you register. If the trial you want to register does not have an NCI ID, or if you do not know it, contact the CTRO for assistance at  

The system registers the trials you import from as Abbreviated trials. To classify a trial as "Other", contact the Clinical Trials Reporting Office staff at after importing/registering the trial in the CTRP system. 

For more information about Data Table 4 categorization, see Guidelines for Abbreviated Trials.

How to Register Industrial Trials

  1. On the toolbar, click Register Trial, and select Industrial/Other.

    To read a definition of each of the trial submission categories (study sources), click View Trial Category Definitions, or, click the Help icon (Help icon, circle shape with a question mark) next to each category.

    The Import Trials page appears. 

  2. Enter the Identifier, and then click Search Studies. The system searches for the ID you entered. If it finds a match in the CTRP, you can not import the trial.

  3. If the system does not find a match in the CTRP, the trial record from appears.

  4. Click Import Trial From

    While it is possible for two users to attempt to import a trial at the exact same time, the system cannot process simultaneous imports. If you receive an error message the first time you attempt to import a trial, wait a short while, and then try again.

    The trial is registered in the CTRP and assigned a unique NCI identifier with the processing status Submitted. The system synchronizes the imported record in the CTRP with the one in 

  5. To add your site as a participant in the trial, click Add My Site. The Add Participating Site page appears. The Participating Site list contains all organizations in the Organization Family associated with your CTRP account.

  6. From the Participating Site list, select the organization that you want to add to this trial. Click Next. Another Add Participating Site page appears.

  7. Complete the fields as per the instructions in Adding Your Site to Abbreviated Trials, and then click Save. The system sends you an email message when the CTRO has accepted the trial for registration in the CTRP. If your trial is not Industrial, contact the CTRO at to request categorization of the trial as either National or Externally Peer-Reviewed.

The system synchronizes Industrial and Other trials currently registered in the CTRP with trials every night by comparing their Identifiers. The system updates CTRP trial records with the data imported from if it finds matching records.  

The CTRP system does not import Person information from

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