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You can submit multiple trials for registration by recording trial data in preformatted Excel spreadsheets called batch templates. There are separate templates for Complete trial information and participating sites.

As an authorized CTRP submitter you can use the CTRP Registration Site's batch upload feature to register multiple new Complete trials that were conducted at a given site, and to update and/or amend them as necessary. The batch upload template, a predefined Excel spreadsheet, provides the structure for recording your trial data. When you have recorded the data and have prepared trial-related documents, upload them for submission using the CTRP Registration Site's batch upload feature. CTRO staffs use the information you provide in these documents to register your trials.

Before You Begin

Request authorization from the CTRP to upload batches. Send your request via email to the CTRO. Once you have received approval, you do not have to request approval for subsequent uploads.

Upload each of the following types of files whenever you register multiple trials:

  • Data documents – Documents that contain all the requisite information about the trial.
  • Trial-related documents – Protocol and IRB documents, among others. You are not required to upload these types of documents when updating registered trial records.

Main Steps for Uploading Your Complete Trial Data

  1. Prepare the trial data file. See Preparing Batch Data Files.
  2. Prepare the trial documents Zip file. See Preparing Trial Document ZIP Files.
  3. Upload your files to the CTRP system via the NCI Trial Registration application batch upload web page at See Submitting Trial Registration Batch Files.
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