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This page tree describes how to use CTRP to update clinical trials that are currently registered and verified in CTRP. The ability to update a trial depends on multiple factors, as described in the following table:
Who can update a trial?Only the trial owner. A trial may have more than one owner. To request ownership of a trial, contact your Site Administrator. (If you are a Site Administrator, refer to Managing Trial Ownership.)
What types of trials can be updated?Only trials that have been registered with the CTRP previously.
At which trial processing statuses can a trial be updated?Only trials that have been previously accepted. (That is, the processing status must be Accepted or a subsequent processing status.) For information, refer to Trial Processing Statuses.
Which parts of a trial record can be updated?Only a subset of the information included with the original trial submission. For details, refer to Trial Attributes You Can Update.
What types of changes can be made as a trial update?Only changes that do not require Investigational Review Board (IRB) approval. For examples, refer to Examples of Protocol Document Updates.

You can also update the trial status and trial status start/completion dates without having to update other trial details. For instructions, refer to Updating Trial Statuses.

For instructions, refer to the following pages:


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