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Data Sharing and Intellectual Capital (DSIC) Knowledge Center

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Dear DSIC Knowledge Center community,

As of May 11, 2-12 the DSIC Knowledge Center, as with all caBIG® Knowledge Centers, will no longer be operated by dedicated Knowledge Center staff. The online resources associated with the Knowledge Center, such as forums and wikis, will remain operational; however, new content on them from this date will be 100% community-provided, rather than provided by individuals and groups that are funded by NCI to do so. The Knowledge Center sites are open and free for all to use, and we encourage your continued active participation, so that users may continue to ask, and obtain answers to, pertinent questions relating to these informatics capabilities. Furthermore, please note that the former Knowledge Center personnel are free to continue to post to the Knowledge Center online resources as community members; they are simply no longer paid to do so.

In addition to the peer support made possible by the online resources of the Knowledge Centers, triaged direct support remains available from NCI Application Support which, as always, can be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone at 301-451-4384 (toll free: 888-478-4423). Support is available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. US Eastern Time, excluding government holidays.

NCI’s Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) expects to continue the provision of informatics support currently provided by the Knowledge Centers, in a manner consistent with such feedback as we obtain from the NCAB ad hoc Informatics Oversight Committee, soon after the launch of the new National Cancer Informatics Program (NCIP). NCIP is not a renaming of the caBIG® program, but rather an opportunity to reevaluate and reshape how NCI supports the informatics needs of the cancer community. If you would like to voice concerns, questions or suggestions beyond immediate requests for support, please contact Anthony Kerlavage (

About the DSIC Knowledge Center

The DSIC Knowledge Center provides a centralized, authoritative repository of processes, model agreements, and other resources to encourage and facilitate data sharing to advance scientific discovery, consistent with applicable legal, regulatory, ethical and contractual requirements.

For an introduction to DSIC, watch the DSIC Introduction and Overview Tutorial (approximately 17 minutes).

The DSIC Introduction and Overview script and DSIC Introduction and Overview slides used in the video are also available.


If you are having trouble viewing this presentation via Windows Media Player, you may wish to try the following solutions:

Visit Domain Level Knowledge Center Forum

The DSIC Knowledge Center Forum is the place for visitors to submit questions and comments that relate to the legal, regulatory, ethical and contractual concerns associated with data sharing in caBIG®. What questions do you have for others? What are your needs and interests that extend beyond the existing resources offered by the program? Write your thoughts in this forum, so that they can be answered by the Knowledge Center Team and/or brought to appropriate stakeholder groups such as the DSIC workspace.

Access Other Resources

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