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Overview of EVS Downloads and Reports

NCI EVS (Enterprise Vocabulary Services) develops and supports vocabularies and vocabulary browsers, development tools, servers and APIs.

Downloads for vocabularies, servers, APIs and reports of terminology content are described on this page. Vocabulary browsers and development tools are listed as related tools.

The CBIIT download site provides access to vocabularies and APIs and servers:

  • NCI Thesaurus, a reference terminology used in a growing number of NCI and other systems, providing rich textual and ontologic descriptions of 70,000 key biomedical concepts and used to establish data semantics for caCORE and caBIGĀ®
  • NCI Metathesaurus, a comprehensive biomedical terminology database connecting 4,600,000 terms from more than 70 terminologies, including some proprietary vocabularies with restrictions on their use
  • LexEVS terminology server, based on the LexBIG open source public domain terminology server
  • LexEVS APIs, the primary application programming interface to the LexEVS terminology server
  • LexEVS Grid Service, providing access to the LexEVS API via caGRID deployed services

The NCI Thesaurus subsets page describes key reports of terminology content. These are downloaded by a wide range of users for purposes of complying with regulatory and standards specifications, most notably from FDA and CDISC, as well as for use in other coding and description related to clinical research. The key subsets are CDISC, FDA and FMT.

For additional information about EVS, visit the EVS Web portal and the EVS Wiki.

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