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Action Items

 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
 Mayo/JasonWe have run into multiple issues where the performance on the DEV tier has be a problem due to Mayo not being able to replicate the slow points due to the drastic difference in DEV resources.  We discuss this with the systems team and they requested us to put in a DRT ticket that provides the specs to match the Mayo DEV server.08/30/13  The server resources have been expanded with an addition vCPU and an additional 2GB memory.  Initial tests have shown better performance but the testing is ongoing.


Area of InterestDetails
LexEVS 6.2

The ARC meeting is scheduled for May 16th for the LexEVS 6.2 containers.  We started the discussion about the ARC yesterday.

Submitted a new JIRA item:

[LEXEVS-626] Improve the performance of the LexEVSValueSetDefinitionServices getCodingSchemesInValueSetDefinition method.

Report WriterReviewing the open Feature Requests for feasibility and level of effort.  Also looking at effort for updating CSM module.  Looks like this will be on hold for now. We are currently in the process of moving from Gforge to JIRA.
Term Browser Had the meeting with CM team about BDA Lite using Tomcat.  It doesn't look like the effort needed to move to tomcat has changed much after the discussion but we have confirmed what needs to be done.  We will need to create an ARC document for the 2.5 release because of the changes to the container.
Still working on the migration from Gforge to JIRA
Meta Download Validation App
Received word back from Clint that Tony approved doing whatever necessary to comply with the appscan.
He is putting in a request to have SSL enabled on the CBIIT website and any necessary Apache redirects to forward all non SSL traffic to the appropriate HTTPS equivalent URL.
Term Suggestion Form

Re-deployment has been completed and now is working correctly in production. We are currently in the process of moving from Gforge to JIRA.

NCIm BrowserQA team received comments back for the test plan and was making the updates on Tuesday to resubmit.  Hoped to have the plan approved by Thursday.
Still working on the migration from Gforge to JIRA.

JIRA/Gforge Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
GF#33063Tree Hierarchy Redesign

Developed an alternative approach to retrieve the URI of supported coding schemes for a value set definition to overcome a performance issue with a LexEVSAPI method. (See LEXEVS-626 above.)

    • Given a value set definition URI string, first find the corresponding ValueSetDefinition by calling the getValueSetDefinition method of the LexEVSValueSetDefinitionServices class.
    • Next, obtain the instance of Mappings using the vsd.getMappings() method.
    • Then, get the list of SupportedCodingScheme using the getSupportedCodingScheme method of Mappings.
    • Finally, the URI of all supporting coding schemes can be obtained by iterating through the list of SupportedCodingScheme with the getUri method of the SupportedCodingScheme class.

Test results show that this approach can significantly reduce the response time for retrieving the URIs of supporting coding schemes. For 456 value set definitions, the total response time was reduced from 17 minutes to 1 minute.

GF#31724Display the name of a concept in a resolved value set based on the source of the corresponding value set.

Designed a value set configuration file for supporting the implementation of this feature request. The configuration file contains value set definition name, URI, the top node report URL, and the rule for extracting required data elements from the report.

Developed a method for loading the value set configuration file at browser initialization.



Schedule Changes


#DescriptionDue DateResourcesNotesRisksMitigation

 Planned Activities

Area of InterestDetails
Term Browser 2.3 ReleaseProvide required support for deployment to Prod tier.
Term Browser 2.4 ReleaseContinue design activities for new feature requests
Term Suggestion Application ReleaseMake any required fixes from QA testing.
NCIm Browser 2.3 Release

Provide required support for deployment to Prod tier.

NCIm Browser 2.4 ReleaseContinue design activities for new feature requests.

Risks, Issues, Dependencies


Opened DateDue DateDescriptionLikelihood (H, M, L)ImpactAssignedStatusMitigation Strategy
 04/10/14 Deployments have been taking long periods of time. There is a lot of overhead getting through the itersH H Speaking with members of the QA team to find ways to streamline the testing/deployment processFinding ways to better integrate the development and QA team. Spoke to EVS Tools TPM requesting the correct communication channels.


 #Opened DateDescriptionImpactAssignedStatus
 7/17/2013The Term Browser deployments using AntHillPro require JAVA 1.6. This would affect the deployments and production environment for the EVS tools.  It sounds like this is going to be a future issue but we should have time to upgrade before it is part of the CBIIT tech stack. Provided a level of effort for migrating all of the EVS applications to Java 1.7 to the Technical Project Manager and government sponsor. Updating to Java 1.7 is scheduled for the 2.5 release of the Term Browser.
 7/31/2013We currently have an issue where the browsers are ready to move to the QA tier for testing but due to the dependency of LexEVS 6.1 cannot start the QA testing process.  LexEVS 6.1 does not currently have all the pre-QA qualification to proceed with the deployment to the QA tier.With a hard deadline of Sept. 30 for both the browsers and LexEVS API 6.1 there is concern that there will be time to finish all the testing and deployments on time. This is closed.  The hard deadline was expanded due to factors we cannot control.


Opened DateDescriptionAssigned
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