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Action Items

 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
 Mayo/JasonWe have run into multiple issues where the performance on the DEV tier has be a problem due to Mayo not being able to replicate the slow points due to the drastic difference in DEV resources.  We discuss this with the systems team and they requested us to put in a DRT ticket that provides the specs to match the Mayo DEV server.08/30/13 7/16/2014A new development server has been procured and is currently being setup.  This AI will be closed.


Area of InterestDetails
LexEVS 6.2

The LexEVS API, CTS2, and URI Resolver have been deployed to the production environment.  The request and subsequent forms have been submitted for approval of the firewall exception.

Report WriterA tag is now available once the DEV environment is set up.
Term Browser 

Deployment to production for the 2.5 release has been completed.  Currently working on the firewall exception for Stage and Prod. 

Fixed the issue with the order of the terminologies on the main terminology search page.

Working on the issue with the slower performance on retrieving concept details from the "Release File" functionality.

Meta Download Validation App

Term Suggestion Form

Deployment to production for the 2.4 release has been completed. Currently working on the firewall exception for Stage and Prod. 

NCIm Browser

Deployment to production for the 2.5 release has been completed.  Currently working on the firewall exception for Stage and Prod. 

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus


Performance issue with the Values button on the value set home page.


Modified some code to improve the performance. The response time should be noticeably better for large value sets. FDA SPL Terminology (487 items) now takes approx. 10 sec.


Codlist extensible and submission value are missing in the CDISC Released File view.


Top banner graphic is skewed on the ‘Released file’ view.


Performance issue with the Concept Details page.


Looking into component response times to identify possible bottlenecks.


More descriptive message for cases where a released file is not available. For viewing.


Implemented show or hide of the Released File button based on whether the file exists.


Incorrect content for the FDA Patient Problem Codes Terminology value set report. 


Collapsing value set tree nodes as default.


No action to be taken for the time being.


Incorrect content for the FDA eCTD Terminology value set report. 


Performed trouble-shooting and identified a data issue in the value set definition file. Informed the Operations team to fix the problem.


Dynamically adjust the column widths of released files. 


No action to be taken for the time being.


Show Source PT on the Value Set Values table.  


This would require LexEVSAPI change. The source PT is not a part of the data contained in the iterator returned by the LexEVS resolve value set API.


The Value Sets link on the NCIt Browser home page is broken.


Schedule Changes


#DescriptionDue DateResourcesNotesRisksMitigation

 Planned Activities

Area of InterestDetails
Term Browser 2.6 ReleaseContinue review fixes and deployment.
NCIm Browser 2.5 Release

Deployment to the DEV tier.

Report WriterDevelop Project plan for 2.1 release.
Term Browser 2.5 ReleaseDeployment to the Stage tier.
Term Form 2.4 ReleaseDeployment to the DEV tier.

Risks, Issues, Dependencies


Opened DateDue DateDescriptionLikelihood (H, M, L)ImpactAssignedStatusMitigation Strategy
 04/10/14 Deployments have been taking long periods of time. There is a lot of overhead getting through the itersH H Speaking with members of the QA team to find ways to streamline the testing/deployment processFinding ways to better integrate the development and QA team. Spoke to EVS Tools TPM requesting the correct communication channels.


 #Opened DateDescriptionImpactAssignedStatus
 7/17/2014Deployment of software, even small upgrades, have been a lengthy process.This especially affects smaller releases in which there are security or bug fixes. The Agile practices migration have been put on hold for now.
 09/10/2014Getting the environment in place for the Mayo trip to NCI.Need to get each of the environment (DEV,QA,Stage) in place before the Mayo trip on September 22nd.  We are currently one week behind.  The impact is that the Mayo developer will be onsite to work on the deployments and the tiers will not be in place. Currently we only have the DEV environment setup for the LexEVS API>


Opened DateDescriptionAssigned
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