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Unexpected behavior found in searching value set using LexEVSValueSetDefinitionServices API.

Helped operations teamwith trouble shooting a tree-extension and lexbig.jar compatibility issue on data-qa.

Submitted a new JIRA:

[LEXEVS-1999] TreeServer API fails on RadLex, Version 3_13_1.

Report Writer

Term Browser 

NCI Neoplasm Core Support.

    • Developed Neoplasm Core Mapping file based on NCI Thesaurus 16.05e.
    • Developed Neoplasm Core Hierarchy file based on NCI Thesaurus 16.05e.
    • Developed Neoplasm Core Rels NCIt Molecular files in CSV and Excel formats.
Term Suggestion Application
Having an issue with the notification reaching certain users.  Working with the systems team to try to figure out what happened.  Also requesting the full email response from the user and asking them to try it again.
NCIm Browser
Triple Store Prototype

SPARQL Endpoint Scan – Scan is running now.  Had some issue over the weekend where the scan stop but was running all of the working day yesterday. 

Continuing work on the report writer application.

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NCIM-225Suppress properties with at least one property qualifier STYLE=AUI, or STYLE=RUI.
  • Started to implement the code changes to meet the feature request.
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Term Browser 2.9 ReleaseStart development of the 2.9 Term Browser release.

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AppScan are taking long periods of time to complete.  For Term browser, the minimum has been 5 days.We are working on both the code base and configuration of the scan to try to improve performance.  We are also looking at open source code scanners that could possibly be used ahead of the AppScan to at least limit the number appscans required.

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7/17/2014Deployment of software, even small upgrades, have been a lengthy process.This especially affects smaller releases in which there are security or bug fixes.
The Agile practices migration have been put on hold for now.

09/10/2014Getting the environment in place for the Mayo trip to NCI.Need to get each of the environment (DEV,QA,Stage) in place before the Mayo trip on September 22nd.  We are currently one week behind.  The impact is that the Mayo developer will be onsite to work on the deployments and the tiers will not be in place.
Currently we only have the DEV environment setup for the LexEVS API>

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