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CBIIT is in the process of migrating all projects from GForge to Atlassian Confluence/JIRA. Projects that were once in GForge and are now in Confluence/JIRA will have both the deprecated GForge URL and the new URLs listed. Projects created in Confluence/JIRA will have only those URLs listed. Projects that have not yet been migrated will have only the GForge address.

Current Projects

These are current, active projects that are still being worked on and accepting suggestions and requests.

Completed or Deprecated Projects

These are projects that have either been completed or superseded by other projects and, therefore, are no longer under active development

Project Name

GForge URL


BiomedGTDocs archive, Files archive


GForge project archive


EVS User Interface Component Framework

GForge propject archive


LexBIG (deprecated - see LexEVS)

GForge project archive


NCI BioPortalDocs archive, Files archive 
NCI Metathesaurus ProductionGForge project archive 
NCI Thesaurus Evolution and SupportDocs archive, Files archive 

Terminology Server Content

Docs archive, Files archive


Vocabulary Services

GForge project archive


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