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Report Writer


Term Browser The Term Browser has been verified on stage waiting for deployment to the prod tier.
NCIm Browser

The NCIm Browser has been verified on stage waiting for deployment to the prod tier.

Term Suggestion Application



Prepared a presentation for supporting the continuing CTRP requirement meetings.

Reviewed the EVS Questions for CTRP with Feedback document.

Developed a method for reducing the list of synonyms for drug concepts according to CTRP’s recommendation. (Note: It is unclear whether the reduced list of synonyms will be used by CTRP in their typeahead implementation or data retrieval phase.)

Biomarkers Support 
SPARQL Report WriterDeveloped and deployed the feature that would allow the user to select which version of NCIt they generate reports from.  The editors are reviewing the update on DEV now.
SPARQL NCIt BrowserWorking on the NCI development environment.  We now have an elastic search instance deployed to DEV and are now working on getting the new browser deployed.  Also coding a reporting functionality where a user can select fields and provide the ability to export.
Other Support 

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