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Report Writer


Term Browser Continuing work on the LexEVS 6.5.1 integration.  There was a decent amount of code changes to the browser that we were not expecting because new value set API implementation is not backward compatible with 6.4
NCIm Browser

Migrating browser to the LexEVS 6.5.1 API as part of 2.9 release.  We will deploy the release up the tiers with the Term Browser 2.12 release

Term Suggestion Application



Documented methodologies for deriving main type, subtype, main type hierarchy, main menu ancestor, etc.

Biomarkers Support

Reviewed Biomarkers as Eligibility data and provided results to editors for further processing through Protege.

Started to develop algorithms for linking biomarker concepts to gene concepts

SPARQL Report Writer

Still waiting for the Jenkins workflow for the DataQA environment

SPARQL NCIt Browser A deployment to DEV has been completed.  I have held off sending the link to everyone because there is an environment issue with the contains search.  Basically, the browser contains search requires a setting in StarDog that could potentially be a performance hit to the Triplestore.  Operations team was going to go ahead and make the change on DEV to see if it causes problems.  We are also finishing up unit testing on the latest functionality (view in hierarchy) before doing a demo.
Other Support 

JIRA Issues

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NCITERM-768Migrate to lexevsapi65-6.5.1.

Updated lexbig.jar in v6.5.1.SNAPSHOT.12.

Continue to integrate the asserted value set search and resolution API with the browser code base.

NCIM-242Update Help Page

Created a new tag for QA (2018-04-24.1-v2.8).

NCIM-244Migrate to lexevsapi65-6.5.1.

Updated jar files based on Mayo’s v6.5.1.SNAPSHOT.12 release.

  • sdk-web-framework.jar
  • lexevs-core.jar
  • sdk-core.jar
  • sdk-ws-framework.jar
  • lexbig.jar
  • sdk-client-framework.jar

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