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Report Writer


Term Browser 

Updated lexbig.jar to v6.5.2, RC6.

Retested the mapping exporting fix (LEXEVS-4376).

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

AWS – Spoke to the new member of the NCI Cloud group.  We basically started from the beginning on describing our environment.  We are optimistic that it will move forward.

New group – Matt Simon, Kathy Coleman (PM)

The Stage environment is slow again.  Running the test again on the stage environment showed that the stage Stardog is now 4 times slower than last week.  Going to get the team together to meet about next steps in troubleshooting.

Developed methodology for producing term group and term source metadata without using any configuration file. The method involves tearing the corresponding web page directly from the PROD tier of the term browser and parsing the HTML page to get the required term group and term source data elements.

Continue to explore SPARQL queries for retrieving the metathesaurus data from triple stores.

Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer
SPARQL NCIt BrowserNCIt browser – would like to do a demo of the prototype we have next week.  Added a new tree view and reporting functionality.

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

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