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Report Writer


Term Browser 

Provided technical support to the Operations team on mapping drugs_SEERRx terms to NCI Thesaurus using contains search.

Performed trouble-shooting on failing value set search on Data-QA. The issue is related to a load script failure resulting not all of the older version of RVS were removed.

NCIm Browser


Term Suggestion Application



Latest release has been deployed to the Stage tier.  QA will do a regression test and then we will request a deployment to stage.  This tag has also been deployed to the CTRP AWS environment.

We also added the Maps_To and dbxref properties to the API but have not released that functionality yet.

Biomarkers Support


SPARQL Report Writer


SPARQL NCIt BrowserWorking on the search functionality now.  Once that code is completed we will need to tie the functionality together and work a little on the UI so that we can present to the group.
Other Support

CTRP Tiger Team Support

    • Converted the clinical_trial_json string returned by the CTRP API to Java object.
    • Produced a JSON containing all biomarker concepts in NCI Thesaurus in a format that is similar to CTRP’s clinical_trial_json.
    • Produced a file containing HGNC_ID of all biomarker concepts in NCI Thesaurus.
    • Distributed the above two files to the CTRP team for comments.

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
Improve error handling and bounds checking
NCITERM-784Reformat Java Server Pages.Ongoing
NCITERM-785Enhance performance possibly using caching.Ongoing
NCITERM-787ConceptDetails.jsp URL displayed incorrectly for

Assessed the underlying issue. It is related to domain URL redirect.

The problem is resolved by the Systems team.

EVSRESTAPI-3Return properties with imported namespace.

Developed and tested SPARQL query for accessing properties of imported namespace (e.g., xRef).

EVSREPORT2-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Report Formatting - Top Left Orient Text in Report ViewCompleted

EVSREPORT2-11 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Filtering of "View All Templates" PageCompleted

EVSREPORT2-8 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wrap text in view all template screen


EVSREPORT2-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Add Maps_To propertyCompleted

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