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Report Writer


Term Browser  
NCIm Browser


Term Suggestion Application

Assessed the code change required to add a new term suggestion page to the application.  This would be in support of the GDC group.


Preparing for a demo scheduled for Friday.  We have been working on several API output formats that we would like to review with the EVS group.  There are also several questions that we would like to clarification on, such as, requirements for the facets we need for the search, requirements for searching in a hierarchy, and if we want to maintain the CTRP specific fields for our generic API. 

Designed and developed a searchable tree using the Boottrap plugin with essentially the same functionality of NCBO’s tree widget.

Presented methodology for retrieving data from UMLS sources in stardog using SPARQL.

Biomarkers Support 
SPARQL Report Writer 

We are currently working on the deployment to the NCI Dev tier now but were having disk space issues, if everything goes well we should be ready for a demo Thursday.


We have also completed the coding for the new attribution filter in the Report Writer for Terry.  We are going to deploy that to DEV today.

SPARQL NCIt Browser 
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