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Report Writer


Term Browser Was told that the value set search capability have been coded but don't have a date when that will be made available.  We will make the necessary changes to the browser as needed for this change then be ready for deployment.

NCIm Browser


Term Suggestion Application



Produced paths to main type ancestors report for supporting the EVS/CTRP Multiple Path Issue Discussion.

Investigated a search issue using a single colon character as the search string.

Biomarkers Support


SPARQL Report Writer

Met with systems team about the Report Writer environment.  We do not anticipate any issues with the Report Writer tech stack and now are just awaiting the environment to be setup.

Other Support


JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
NCITERM-778Incorrect CDISC PT values on the resolved value set page.
  • Performed trouble-shooting on the content of the NCI Thesaurus deployed on DEV. The Operations team will fix the FULL_SYN axioms in the next release.
  • Will test the implementation after the NCI Thesaurus data is available on DEV.
NCITERM-779Searching on the single colon character (':') failed.Fixed

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Risks, Issues, Dependencies


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