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Report Writer


Term Browser 

Provided technical support to the Operations team to resolve a CDISC published file format issue.

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

Met with systems team on Tuesday to discuss the setup of the EVSRESTAPI/Elastic Search on upper tiers.  We went through all the instructions for setting up the EVSRESTAPI/Elastic Search and the application created for updating the elastic search indexes.  We are going to create the indexes on DEV on a share directory which can be used to copy to each subsequent tier. 


First step will be just to deploy to all the tiers, then we will formalize with Jenkins.  I created the ticket today and systems team said they would get together on how long it will take to actually setup.
Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

Designed and implemented a web application based on the same algorithms developed for supporting the stand-alone SPARQL-based mapping tool.

Other Support

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LEXEVS-4240Improve the efficiency of retrieving mapping data from a mapping coding scheme.

Participated in a code review meeting.

Reviewed and code.

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