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Report Writer


Term Browser Continuing work on the LexEVS 6.5.1 integration. 
NCIm Browser

Migrating browser to the LexEVS 6.5.1 API as part of 2.9 release.  We will deploy the release up the tiers with the Term Browser 2.12 release

Term Suggestion Application



Implemented methodologies for linking biomarker concepts to gene concepts.

Biomarkers Support 
SPARQL Report Writer


Still waiting for the Jenkins workflow for the DataQA environment but we moved ahead with a manual deployment of the application to the DataQA tier.  Teri made a request to add the NCIt version information to the reports and in the reports listing page.  I put in a ticket for these items, but I have not spoken to the developers on level of effort yet. 

SPARQL NCIt Browser  We have fixed the issue with the contains search on the DEV tier and now ready to do a demo.
Other Support 

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
NCITERM-768Migrate to lexevsapi65-6.5.1.
  • Repaired the Remove and Export buttons on the cart page.
  • Reimplemented value set resolution and export methods. These methods in lexevsapi65-6.5.1 are not backward compatible.
NCIM-242Update Help Page

Created a new tag for QA (2018-04-24.1-v2.8).

NCIM-244Migrate to lexevsapi65-6.5.1.

Updated jar files based on Mayo’s v6.5.1.SNAPSHOT.12 release.

  • sdk-web-framework.jar
  • lexevs-core.jar
  • sdk-core.jar
  • sdk-ws-framework.jar
  • lexbig.jar
  • sdk-client-framework.jar

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Risks, Issues, Dependencies


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