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Term Browser 

Provided technical support to the Operations team to set up an environment for running the GenerateCDISC program on a laptop.

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

Working with the Systems team, we have been able to narrow down the extreme slowness to the roles and inverse roles queries for the concept details.  These same queries are fast on DEV and QA so it is something specific with the Stage tier.  Putting in a ticket with Stardog support to see if we can get help.

AWS deployment - Received the DEV servers from the NCI Cloud group.  We are now in the process of loading the EVSRESTAPI, Python, and Stardog along with configuring the Elasticsearch service.  Need to obtain a Stardog license for the AWS environment. 

Explored methodologies for retrieving metathesaurus data stored in multiple RRF tables.  

    • Create an Atom class
    • Find atoms in concept by source
    • Find atom name and code given source and atom unique identifier (AUI)

Started to explore methodologies for producing a SPARQL version of MetaTree. It will be used to mimic the functionalities of the LexEVS metathesaurus tree extension.

    • Create a MetaTreeNode class
    • Identify root concepts of all source hierarchies.
    • Find intra-CUI relationships between atoms belonging to the same concept.
Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer
SPARQL NCIt BrowserDeployed another release to the DEV tier.  Added additional features for Hierarchy display and concept details retrieval and a bulk concept list submittal/retrieval.  These features are still in beta right now.

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

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