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Met to discuss the specs for the DEV VM.  Had a quick overview of the architecture and agreed to an initial set of server specs (8 cores, 32GB RAM, 200 GB Storage).  The ticket is in.

Developed test program to test the View Hierarchy and View In Hierarchy functions for both obio and obi coding schemes.

    • The function works fine for the coding scheme obib using the test case:
      • Coding scheme: obib
      • version: 2017-11-30
      • code: FMA_50707
      • namespace: obo

The function fails for the coding scheme obo using the test case possibly related to the JdbcDaoSupport getDataSource method:

      • coding scheme: obi
      • version: 2019-06
      • code: UBERON_0000178
      • namespace: obo
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Met to discuss data updates to the AWS environment.  Tracy S and Yang are going to work with operations team to setup a Jenkins workflow for the monthly NCIt releases.  We are hoping to have this setup by the end of the month.   We will also need to have the weekly updates for when we move report writer to AWS. 

There is also additional graphs that will need to be updated for the SPARQL-endpoint.  I will be setting up a meeting with operations team to go over all of needs of the endpoint, or any other requirements operations team has, so we can support it on AWS.

Reviewed Spring Boot Dependency Injection methodology.

    • YAML java parser
    • YAML to Object mapping.

Started to explore the elasticsearch low level rest client methodology for accessing data from elasticsearch server.

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