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Report Writer


Term Browser 

Updated to the latest LexEVS 6.5.1 API

Continued performance improvement efforts.

NCIm Browser


Term Suggestion Application



Latest release has been deployed to the Production tier. 

CTRP Tiger Team Support

    • Assessed code changes required to add a new isSolidNeoplasm method.
Biomarkers Support


SPARQL Report Writer

We are still waiting for the container for Data-QA.  This will be the production tier for the application, so it would be nice to get it set up so that our development does not interfere with report generation.

SPARQL NCIt Browser 

We have a basic search, concept details, and view hierarchy capability developed. 


We put in ticket for a container on the NCI DEV tier so that this can be deployed somewhere the team can review.  We can also look to do a demo for the EVS meeting next week if there is time on the agenda.

Other Support 

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
Improve error handling and bounds checking

Prevented browser from build and deployment failure when the production version of a vocabulary is not present.

NCITERM-784Reformat Java Server Pages.

Combined the JSPs for all tabs into one to enhance the efficiency of page rendering.

NCITERM-785Enhance performance possibly using caching.Ongoing
NCITERM-768Migrate to lexevsapi65-6.5.1.

Updated the following jars.

    • sdk-web-framework.jar
    • lexevs-core.jar
    • sdk-core.jar
    • sdk-ws-framework.jar
    • sdk-client-framework.jar

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Risks, Issues, Dependencies


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