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Report Writer


Term Browser 

An issue was found where certain mappings time out when trying to resolve.  A fix was created so that the mapping can complete but still too slow.  Put in a ticket for LexEVS for a more efficient API call to generate these mappings.

Developed an alternative methodology for supporting CDISC RDF/OWL publications without involving any proprietary software such as TopBraid.

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

Completed a demo and presentation to the GDC group which was received well. 

Continuing steps to deploy up to the stage tier so that it will be available externally for further review. 

The renewal of the firewall exception should be completed next week.  All of the remaining patches are queued for this weekend.

Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

Other SupportCreated ticket for additional editors to get access to the EVS ftp site.  This is required due to absences from the operations team.

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
NCITERM-802Retired Concepts linking to its replacement concept display a partial HTML paragraph end tagFixed on DEV
NCITERM-803Visited Concepts link fails on concepts with a label containing double quote characters.Fixed on DEV

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