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Report Writer


Term Browser Added the message to NCI home page requesting feedback for the new browser functionality.  Deployed the tag to QA and a new AppScan was requested and started.
NCIm Browser

Put the latest tag on QA and requested an Appscan.  Still waiting  for the results of the scan.

Term Suggestion Application



CTRP support

In responding to a CTRP team inquiry, produced a file containing all concepts in NCI Thesaurus with a FULL_SYN that has a Term Type DN and a Term Source CTRP, also extracted concepts in NCI Thesaurus with a Display_Name property.

Biomarkers Support 
SPARQL Report WriterAdded a change request ticket after a discussion Teri to allow the ability to select version of NCIt you run a report from.  At times she needs to be able to run a report against the daily NCIt instead of the monthly.
SPARQL NCIt Browser After our discussion last week we are digging deeper into Elastic Search option for indexing.
Other Support 

JIRA Issues

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Concepts without children can show as expandable.

Performed trouble-shooting on the reported issue and observed that the TreeExtension API returns incorrect ontology_node_child_count.

NCIM-244Migrate to lexevsapi65-6.5.1.

Updated lexbig.jar in 6.5.1.SNAPSHOT.16.

Created a new tag, 2018-06-01.1-v8.2, for QA.

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Risks, Issues, Dependencies


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