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Production issue:

Completed a review of the prod tomcat and apache logs for discussion in the Monday technical meeting. Three conclusions to moving forward:

1. System team diagnose Apache and Tomcat issues:

Apache timeout

Apache ajp_ilink_receive failed

Tomcat StringIndexOutOfBoundsException, IOException (Connection reset by peer)

Tomcat broken pipe

2. Mayo and Operations team resolve API and data related problems, and possibly improve the performance of some frequently called methods such as:

Refreshing index?

Finding production version of a coding scheme that involves:

CodingSchemeRenderingList lcsrl = lbSvc.getSupportedCodingSchemes() (remote API: 9,295 milliseconds.)

3. Browser team (NG) improve error handling of invalid parameter values (e.g., not supported coding scheme names).


NCIm Browser


Term Suggestion Application



Completed the code for isbiomarker and isreferencegene added to the EVSRESTAPI output. This has been deployed to the DEV environment.  After dev testing we will tag and move to QA.

Biomarkers Support


SPARQL Report Writer

Deployed to the DEV tier for EVS editor review.  Received several request for features that have been completed and listed below.

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JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
Request ability to handle imported properties
EVSREPORT2-3Moving rows in the add/edit template pageCompleted
EVSREPORT2-4Selecting multiple reportsCompleted
EVSREPORT2-5Cloning of report templatesCompleted
EVSREPORT2-6Order the templates on the View All Templates Page by date created descCompleted
EVSREPORT2-7Prevent a user from selecting a deleted template to runCompleted

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