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Report Writer


Term Browser 

Updated lexbig client jar (lexbig-SNAPSHOT.DEV.SPRINT107.2019.05.01.jar).

Retested [LEXEVS-4444] Tree Extension: Support for enforced single hierarchy tree resolution.

Reported a View in Hierarchy failure to the Mayo team for resolution.

Updated lexbig client jar (lexbig-SNAPSHOT.DEV.SPRINT107.2019.05.02.jar).

Successfully tested [LEXEVS-4535] Restricting hierarchy implementation for Tree Extension Part 2.

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

Started to design and develop MetathesaurusDataUtils.

    • Find the preferred name for a given CUI.
    • Find all atoms for a given CUI.
    • Identify supported sources (SAB).
    • Find all related concepts for a given CUI.

Started to design and develop MetathesaurusTreeUtils.

    • Identify sources with a supported hierarchy.
    • Identify the CUI of the root of a given source hierarchy.
    • Find parent and child concepts in a given source hierarchy.
    • Find paths to roots from a concept in a given source hierarchy.
Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer

Made updates based on input from demo and received additional feedback.  Scheduled demo a feedback session for this Thursday.

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

Modified the CSV-to-TTF mapping file conversion program to make it a part of the EVS concept mapping tool.

Provided an instruction on how to run the application to the Operations team.

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