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Term Browser 

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

Currently working on the elastic search indexing updating mechanism on DEV.  They required a different version of Python (Python3 over anaconda) so we are going through the missing dependency now.  Waiting for systems team to install PIP which is required for us to do the install and let the systems team know what all dependency packages they need to install.  Once that is figured out we are hoping the install up the rest of the tiers will move quickly.

The NCI Cloud team is going to be requesting a meeting to talk about our requirements for a DEV tier but it looks like it is moving forward starting with the EVSRESTAPI

Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

Started writing down some of the requirements we obtained from the mapping tool sessions. 

Enhanced the stand-alone SPARQL-based mapping tool.

Designed and implemented a web user interface to the SPARQL-based mapping tool.

Presented both the stand-alone and web based SPARQL-based mapping tools to the user group.

Other Support

Modified the RDFGenerator to:

    • support the encoding of definitions and terms containing the ‘&’ characters in the generated OWL file.
    • Dynamically generate namespaces based on the name of the input text file.

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