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Report Writer


Term Browser 

Tested the new value set API with the Term Browser

    • The performance of some API methods is still slow when executed remotely; for example, the listAllResolvedValueSets method for finding the list of all 950 resolved value sets takes approx. 2 minutes to complete.
    • The value set search API appears working as expected.
    • Reported a error to Mayo. The issue was resolved by Mayo subsequently.
    • Reported a broken resolved value set iterator issue to Mayo.
NCIm Browser

We are updating the help page with the latest term numbers from NCIm from 4 million to 6.4 million.  This is a simple fix but will require a code deployment.  Hopefully that will not take long however.  Unless there is another change wanted for NCIm browser we will cut a tag and deploy up the tiers.

Term Suggestion Application



Latest release has been deployed to the Production tier. 

CTRP Tiger Team Support

    • Assessed code changes required to add a new isSolidNeoplasm method.
Biomarkers Support


SPARQL Report Writer

Received the container for the new Report Writer on DataQA.  Getting the deployment instructions in a PTE so we can get a AHP project for easier future deployments. There will also be a process of moving the contents in DEV to QA.  We will need to work with Tracy and Rob on that.

SPARQL NCIt Browser  Integrated the Hierarchy and search pages.  Still waiting for the DEV tier to deploy so others can review.
Other Support 

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
NCITERM-768Migrate to lexevsapi65-6.5.1.

Updated the 6.5.1.SNAPSHOT.8 jars.

NCITERM-785Enhance performance possibly using caching.Ongoing

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Risks, Issues, Dependencies


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