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Report Writer


Term Browser 

Reported a data issue related to TerminologyMapBean to the Mayo team. The Mayo team will fix the problem through loader modification.

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

Implemented a feature that would allow for multiple concepts to be searched with one call. 

Setup of the AWS instance is still ongoing.  Worked out the Stardog licensing to get us through the initial deployment.

Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer
SPARQL NCIt BrowserStarted integration of the Browser Prototype with the EVSRESTAPI to promote more testing by the editors.

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

Completed deployment to the DEV tier.  Scheduling a demo of the prototype for next Wednesday EVS meeting.
Other Support

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus
NCITERM-808Terms with Latin small letter o with diaeresis not rendered correctly.Fixed
NCITERM-807Migrate to LexEVS 6.5.2.

Updated lexbig-6.5.2.RC.5.jar.

NCIM-253Terms with Latin letters not rendered correctly.Fixed
NCIM-252Migrate to LexEVS 6.5.2.

Updated lexbig-6.5.2.RC.5.jar.

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