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Report Writer


Term Browser 

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

AWS setup – New POC was given for the setup.  No real progress has been made since last meeting.

Working with systems and operations team on performance issue on Stage.  The Stage tier is much slower than every other environment.

Meeting with systems and operations teams about Stardog upgrade and performance testing on stage next Monday.

Reviewed UMLS Rich Release Format (RRF) file data elements for a possible implementation of Metathesaurus through Stardog triplestore.

Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer
SPARQL NCIt BrowserContinued development of the new browser.  Deployed a prototype release on DEV tier.

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

Continue to develop the NCI Mapping Tool.

    • Added a Concept Status (e.g., Retired_Concept) to applicable matched concepts.
    • Modified the code based on the inputs received from the user group.
      • Tested export of CSV file with data containing comma or double quote characters.
      • Designed and implemented restriction of matched concepts to a branch of tree (e.g., a user specified root concept (e.g., Neoplasm (C3262)) and all its descendants).
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