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Report Writer


Term Browser  

Received a defect from QA but I do not believe this is a showstopper.  It will come out with the test results document, we can decide whether you want us to fix it or not at that time.

NCI Neoplasm Node hyperlink issue:

    • Performed trouble shooting and observed that there might be a loader or API issue.

Updated value_set_report_config.txt and created a new tag, 2018-06-22.1-v2.12 (v2.12-Beta.5) for QA.

NCIm Browser

QA is anticipated to complete by 6/29.  Have not received any word on defects found in testing.

Term Suggestion Application



In responding to a CTRP request, produced a report showing the Has_Target relationships among agent and drug target concepts.

Reviewed CTRP Requirement Document

    • Developed methodologies for satisfying most requirements identified thus far.
    • Prepared a presentation.
    • Will present the proposed solutions at the next requirement and technical exchange meeting.
Biomarkers Support 
SPARQL Report WriterUpdated build to add SPL to the source list and UNII to the subsource list.  Put in a change request to provide the ability to select which version of NCIt (daily or monthly) to run a report from.  This is a larger request so we have not implemented immediately.
SPARQL NCIt Browser Started integrating the elastic search functionality with the UI.
Other Support 

JIRA Issues

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NCITERM-793Search value sets link on Concepts page does not produce concept details page when the value set search results in exactly one match.

Reviewed the underlying issue.


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