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Term Browser 

Performed trouble shooting on the OBIB hierarchy display issue. The hierarchy page failed to render because that the tree extension API does not support more than one directional hierarchy per coding scheme.

NCIm Browser
Term Suggestion Application

Performance – Was able to clear up the performance issues we were seeing on Stage by upgrading to Stardog 6.  Stardog 6 has been shown to be faster but not to the extent we are seeing in Stage.Continued performance testing on each of the tiers and they are all in the same range now.  The test included using the API with and without the proxy.

We have consistently found that not using the proxy is 2 to 3 times faster than when we use the proxy so we might want to consider removing the proxy for the EVSRESTAPI or reconfiguring for better performance.

AWS – The people working on our environment have turned over.  We will now have weekly status meeting starting tomorrow at 10:30. 

Meeting w/ QA team on testing – We met with Swathi yesterday to kickoff the testing for the EVSRESTAPI more formally.  Went through the API features briefly and will be keeping in closer contact proceeding forward as we start planning for releasing a production release.

Designed and implemented java beans based on the RRF data elements in preparation for retrieving metathesaurus data from the Stardog triple-store server.

Biomarkers Support
SPARQL Report Writer
SPARQL NCIt BrowserNCIt browser – would like to do a demo of the prototype we have now. 

EVS Concept Mapping Tool

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