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Making some good progress on the performance of the load into the API.  Looking at several options including pulling the data straight from the OWL file. 

Developed and tested SPARQL queries for retrieving data from Metathesaurus source ontologies from the triple-store server.

Created a Java REST API layer that sits on top of the SPARQL queries developed above.

Designed and implemented a SPARQL endpoint user interface.

Biomarkers Support 
SPARQL Report WriterSheduled a meeting to address the enhancements that the editors are looking for. It looks like there are two change requests, one is to add the "attr" property as another field to filter on in the template creation page.  Second is to provide a mechanism for grouping templates so that she can select a group to create a multiple tab report.  The first seems to be the most urgent and the least amount of effort so we were going to move forward with that. 
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