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The MED-RT is generated by Apelon monthly.  They currently upload the files to the Box server and then notify us that they are ready by email.  The email often comes with the MED-RT Release Notes attached.  Our responsibility with these files is to upload them to the FTP and then notify the user to review.

  • Download the files to your local environment, including the release notes. There should be 5 total files
    • Core_MEDRT_<date>
    • Core_MEDRT_<date>
    • Core_MEDRT_<date>
    • Core_MEDRT_<date>
    • MEDRT_Release_Notes_<date>.txt
  • Upload the files directly to /cacore/EVS/MED-RT/Archive
  • Unzip the
  • Rename MEDRT_all_NUIS_<date>.txt to MEDRT_<date>.txt and upload to same archive directory on FTP
  • Remove the date from all files and load to /cacore/EVS/MED-RT overwriting the files that are there
  • Login to evs-jenkins and run the "EVS ftp rsync" task
  • Go to and ensure the files have been updated
  • Notify Apelon by replying to their email.

These files will be pulled into the Metathesaurus.  When the Metathesaurus is released the MED-RT is extracted as a standalone and loaded like all the other RRF standalones into LexeVS

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