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NCI Metathesaurus Browser 1.1 Release Notes

Release 1.1 features

Release 1.1 of the NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm) Browser brings important improvements in content and functionality. Many were made in close coordination with the new LexEVS 5.1 release, which makes many of these improvements available to other applications as well. NCIm Browser release 1.1 addresses the following major issues, as well as making numerous minor improvements:

  • Data:
    • NCIm term and relationship data were incompletely represented in the LexEVS 5.0 implementation.  Available data have more than doubled, with more complete and accurate representation of what is asserted by individual sources.
    • In particular, relationship data are now more consistently stored and linked to, tying individual source relationship descriptors and terms to more general NCIm categories (and displaying all of this data) as described in the browser's Relationship Attribute Help.
    • Additional source specific concept data are now correctly loaded.
  • Functionality:
    • Performance was poor for the ranking of large search result sets, and in release 1.0 ranking was made a user option with a warning attached.  This has been fixed, and ranking is now done automatically without need for a warning.
    • Response times were slow for the Relationship and By Source tabs, especially with extensive relationship data (which sometimes reaches tens of thousands of relationships).  Performance is vastly improved.
    • Search now supports direct searching of special characters, such as ampersands, that often failed before.
    • Search results now provide the semantic type of each concept, to help users identify concepts representing the category of meaning they want.

Important Remaining Issues

There are several known issues in data, functionality and documentation that we are working to address for update releases in the coming months. These include the following:

  • Data:
    • Display of individual source hierarchies within their broader NCIm context is still only provided for NCI Thesaurus (NCIt).  Providing this data for other sources is a hard problem that will likely require a coordinated solution jointly with LexEVS.
    • The display of history data has been postponed until a future release.
    • Some additional categories of source specific concept data are not included, but are being considered for inclusion in future releases.
  • Functionality:
    • Performance issues remain for the display of concepts having many thousands of relationships, and hierarchy display is still painfully slow.  Performance considerations also required limiting substring matching to the beginning and end of words.
    • User-settable options and the ability to search other concept data and relationships are needed, and should be part of forthcoming browser releases.
  • Documentation:
    • Online and standalone documentation are still under development.

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release

24048 - Modify timeout session to 2 or more hours
25014 - Oversized EVS logo in Firefox browser history
24841 - NCIm help page text corrections prior to production release
23465 - Migrate NCIm to LexBIG 5.1

CORE Product Dependencies

This product (internally) relies on LexEVS 5.1 APIs for access to NCI Thesaurus data. Refer to LexEVS 5.1 for details.

Release History




NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.0


Initial release

NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.1


Upgrade to LexEVS 5.1

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