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NCI Metathesaurus Browser 1.2 Release Notes

Release 1.2 features

The principal enhancement in release 1.2 is an Advanced Search link adding Code, Name, Property and a Relationship search that offers a drop down list of broad relationship labels (RELs).
Other features include:
27487 - Add advanced search by a specific property type or association.
27271 - Make NCIm cache & config files configurable by the systems team
26721 - Display available source hierarchies.
26720 - Support cross-linking of NCI Metathesaurus with applicable source vocabularies.
25764 - Add property and association/relationship search capabilities.
23320 - Maintain a search logs
27414 - Add Visited Concepts to Meta
27754 - Add HTTP Referer header information to search log
28450 - Show source of properties in "terms & properties" section

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release

27173 - Unable to search for some concepts by code.
28737 - Concept is not found in the View in Hierarchy
28734 - Advanced Search Child Relationship returns incorrect number of results
28459 - Section 508 requires skip navigation links
28458 - Section 508 requires the following pages to have labels next to form inputs
27173 - Unable to search for some concepts by code - Contains only now
23466 - View in Hierarchy performance
24016 - Jumps to top of page when sort on a column
27173 - Unable to search for some concepts by code - Contains only now
28659 - Sorting on "Name" column does not sort alphabetically
28763 - Terms & Property tab displayed after selecting a different source

Known issues


  • In searches with very generalized search criteria, there may be a numeric discrepancy between the detail page of a concept and the advanced search results. This is due to an optimization side-effect of how LexEVS handles the 'search by relationship' type searches. For details refer to #28734.
  • Certain advanced searches may result in a time out. For details refer to #28764.
  • Contains relationship results could possibly be missing some concepts.  This is due to a LexEVS issue documented at #29155.
  • For performance reasons the system prevents users from submitting single word Contains/Relationship searches.  It will ask the user to enter a more specific search criteria if the user submits such searches.


  • Concepts that are not hierarchically related to other concepts won't appear in the hierarchy tree; for example, orphan concepts.
  • "View In Hierarchy" expands too much; Expands two levels deep instead of one to include the children of all of the concepts.


  • Hyperlinks between NCI Metathesaurus and NCI thesaurus may on occasion return "Not found" messages due to synchronization delays between the terminologies.

CORE Product Dependencies

This product (internally) relies on LexEVS 5.1 APIs for access to NCI Thesaurus data. Refer to LexEVS 5.1 for details.

Release History




NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.0


Initial release

NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.1


Upgrade to LexEVS 5.1

NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.2


Advanced Search

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