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June 11, 2012

Release 2.1 features

Release 2.1 of the NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm) Browser fixes several bugs that were found in the 2.0 Release. The release also displays the LexEVS version used by the browser.

Features include:

GF#31955 - Displaying LexEVS version in Browser

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release

GF#28801 - Asks for SNOMED license agreement with each view in hierarchy

GF#31764 - NCIm Properties not displaying

GF#31865 - External code contains source qualifier value.

GF#31904 - Additions to the NCIm Source Page

GF#31906 - Unable to perform cut and paste on the Terms & Properties tab.

GF#31954 - Advanced Search link causes Status 500 error

GF#31996- Selecting a Concept Code from the Synonyms Details tab of a concept results in HTTP 500 - JasperException Error

GF#32026 - Misdirected link on Contact Us page.

GF#32027 - Apostrophe (') replaced by extra text (')

Known issues


GF#30544 - View in Hierarchy shows more than 5 parent levels above the concept.

GF#30553 - MSH Hierarchy nodes reporting incorrectly

GF#31535 - Wrong hyperlink for Hugo Concepts

GF#32033 - Changing the Source in the Simple Search box will change the viewed source in the concept details.

GF#32057 - Reset of concept list to 1st page when source is changed in Simple Search box.

CORE Product Dependencies

This product (internally) relies on LexEVS 6.0 APIs for access to NCI Metathesaurus data. Refer to LexEVS 6.0 for details.

Release History




NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.0


Initial release

NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.1


Upgrade to LexEVS 5.1

NCI Metathesaurus Browser v1.2


Advanced Search

NCI Metathesaurus Browser v2.0


Upgrade to LexEVS 6.0

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