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Current Release

Version 2.4, April, 2014

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EVS browsers have a Contact Us page for questions, suggestions and bug reports. EVS also welcomes information on how you use EVS tools and resources, and what would make them more useful. A compilation of use information is available at EVS Use and Collaborations.

Tool Overview

NCI Term Browser Logo

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The NCI Term Browser provides user-friendly access to all biomedical terminologies hosted by EVS including the NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm), which itself offers more than 75 terminologies cross-mapped to capture shared meanings. The NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) Browser, once a separate tool, is now integrated into the NCI Term Browser.

Installation and Downloads

The NCI Term Browser is a public web application. To download and install an instance, refer to NCI Browsers Installation Instructions. There is an NCI Term Browser GitHub Respository Exit Disclaimer logo See also the NCI Term Suggestion GitHub Repository Exit Disclaimer logo

Forum and Support

What's New

The following outlines the major features in each release.


Development Focus

Release Date


  • CTS 2 Support: Better support for terminology mappings and value sets, introduced in the 2.0 release as part of EVS support for the emerging HL7/OMG Common Terminology Services 2 (CTS 2) standard.
  • New value set hierarchies allowing selection of multiple value sets for search, and improved performance and 508 compliance.
  • “Back to search results” link to return to the last results page.
  • Advanced Search option to search relationship source or target concept values.
  • View in Hierarchy now runs on the server, making it faster and more reliable.
  • Browser and terminology server versions are displayed in the main NCI Term Browser banner.
  • Refer to the Release Notes for more information on fixes, enhancements, and known issues.

June 11, 2012


CTS 2 functionality provided in the LexEVS 6.0 terminology server including Mappings and Value Sets The NCIt Browser offers important new data and functionality, based on the LexEVS 6.0 Terminology Server.

  • Term browser home page redesigned, using tabs.
  • Mapping functions and tab
    • Mapping Tab added to the navigation bar.
    • Access allowed to mapping data from source and target coding schemes.
    • Abbreviated source and target namespace names added to metadata of a mapping coding scheme.
    • Abbreviated source and target namespace names displayed on the mapping data table.
  • Value Set functions and tab
    • Value set viewer implemented.
    • Export provided for NCI Definition to CSV formatted resolved value set definition file.
    • Source coding scheme developed for supporting display of value set hierarchy.
    • Value set hierarchy display provided.
  • Concept Cart lets users collect concepts during a session and then export them to a file in XML or CSV format.
  • Ability provided to disable tree access
  • caDSR CDEs can be displayed based on concepts in applicable vocabularies.
  • Advanced Search lets users search by a specific property type or association.
  • Mapping data can be displayed and searched.
  • Local extension to an existing coding scheme supported.
  • All license pages merged into one.
  • User Interface changes and updates made; refer to the Release Notes.

November 9, 2011


Required changes after initial release

  • "URL to Bookmark" changed to just display the URL.
  • Term Browser's terminology list reordered.
  • caBIG approval indicator added next to terminology name.
  • NCPDP section added into subset page.

October 19, 2010


Replacement for the outdated NCI BioPortal

  • Incorporates and extends the NCI Thesaurus Browser.
  • Replaces NCI BioPortal, retired in 2010.
  • Provides a home page for each terminology and provides for searching and using each terminology separately or together with others.
  • Provides extensive cross-links, especially between individual sources and NCIm.
  • Supports searches for name/id, property, or relationship values using exact match, begins with or contains algorithms.
  • Affords better presentation of concept details and source hierarchies.
  • Built on the open source LexBIG Terminology Server using the LexEVS 5.1 API.
  • Provides improved performance, especially in large ranked search results and the Relationship and By Source tabs.
  • Released on a separate URL, leaving the older browser (1.2) in place, to allow users more time to test and transition before the LexEVS 5.1-based browsers are deprecated.

March 19, 2010

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

NCI Term Browser 1.2 Demonstration Video (11 MB, 8.5 Minutes)
Troy Bleeker
April 12, 2011
This video gives a high level demonstration of the NCI Term Browser and its user interface.

Documentation and Training

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