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NCI Thesaurus Browser 2.1 Release Notes
June 11, 2012


NCI Term Browser provides a consistent, user-friendly tool to browse and search all of the biomedical terminologies hosted by NCI EVS, including both NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) and the NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm), which itself includes more than 70 terminologies. These terminologies normally represent each specific meaning, such as melanoma, lung, or chemotherapy, by a distinct concept with a unique, permanent code. Each concept normally provides additional information such as a preferred name, other terms and codes, definitions, and relationships with other concepts. Concepts are normally organized in parent-child hierarchies from very broad top concepts down to the most specific subcategories. All browsing and searching in this browser reflects this concept-based view of terminology.

GForge project archive: Docs archive, Files archive

Important Remaining Issues

Cart functionality behavior for multiple terminologies -  You may save visited concepts to a cart and export these concepts to a file in either LexGrid XML format or Comma Separated Values (CSV) format at a later time. Because the browser supports multiple versions of the same terminology (for example MedDRA 12.0 and 13.1), you will be prompted for the terminology version when you are ready to export concepts in carts. Please be aware that if a concept in the cart is not found in the version of the terminology you specified, then you should not expect the concept to appear in the file. For example,  the MedDRA concept Traumatic renal injury (Code 10070510) appears in MedDRA 13.1, but not in MedDRA 12.0. So, if you visit the concept, save it to the cart, then try do an export, selecting 12.0 as MedDRA version, then you won’t find this concept in the export.

Concept Code search on Mappings tab is case sensitive -The Mappings Concept Code search is case sensitive.  For example, if a user is on the Mapping tab and does a Concept Code search on go:0006200, the search will come back empty.  The user will need to do the same search using uppercase letter (GO:0006200) to get the result back. This is something we plan on fixing in a future release.

Search box on the Value Set tab Terminology View and Source View pages - Please be aware that the sole purpose of the search box on the Terminology View and Source View pages is for finding Value Sets containing at least one concept that match with your search criteria. So, search results would remain the same if no search criteria is changed when you perform a search on these pages. To search against a particular matched value set returned by the above search, you should click on a matched value set hyperlink to go to its home page and then perform search there.

Session timeouts - Be aware that if you leave the browser open for long periods of time you will get a session timeout.  Although you should still be able to search, persisted functionality such as the concept cart and pagination of search results will timeout in approximate 60 minutes.

View in Hierarchy - Top nodes for claml loaded ICD cannot be viewed in the View in Hierarchy.

Note: Although compatible with Internet Explorer, the Term Browser works best when using the latest version of Firefox web browser. 

Release 2.1 features

The NCI Term Browser 2.1 release provides ...

GF#31725 - Using Short Name as default URL

GF#31626 - Change value set hierarchy node labels.

GF#31550 - Ability to select groups of value sets to search on

GF#31387 - Displaying LexEVS version in Browser

GF#31274 - EVS Support Message

GF#29316 - Pages need column headers with scope

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release

GF#28486 - GO, PDQ, UMLS Concepts "View in Hierarchy" are not treed correctly

GF#29902 - Does not show Visited Concepts if on the "no match found" page

GF#30140 - Duplicate Concept search against SNOMED relationship tab returns intermittent

GF#30997 - View in Hierarchy Issue

GF#31182 - Clicking on a Concept on the HL7 Hierarchy returns an Error code.

GF#31185 - View in Hierarchy does not bring up concept in Hierarchy under ChEBI terminology.

GF#31718 - Sources on value set home pages displaying wrong value

GF#31758 - Relationship Search for gene returned a blank Concept List.

GF#31868 - Research and Implement Performance improvement to the view in hierarchy functionality

GF#31876 - Name/Code search fails to retrieve all matched concepts.

GF#31905 - Unable to perform cut and paste on the Terms & Properties tab.

GF#31907 - Quick Links in NCI Terms browser specifies start.jsf

GF#31908 - Mapping tab tables have no row scope

GF#31914 - Search option and algorithm in value set search box are not preserved in session.

GF#31975 - Simple Search for concept in HUGO brings concept list with duplicate concepts.

GF#31976 - Back to Search results link returns to 1st page of results list, regardless of what page originally on.

GF#31980 - Advanced Search - Relationship - Selecting Target radio button does not work

GF#31982 - Unable to select Value Sets using the keyboard - 508 Compliance issue

GF#31983 - Unable to access Quick Links drop-down using keyboard - 508 Compliance issue

GF#31986 - View in Hierarchy for GO terminology displays Status 500 Error

GF#32002 - Back to Search link results in a HTTP Status 500 - JasperException

GF#32061 - Clicking Term Browser banner in Value Sets tab results in a "Bad Request" error.

GF#32062 - Value Set search box within a terminology does not search Value Sets.

GF#32063 - Misdirected link on Contact Us page.

GF#32065 - View in Hierarchy in SNOMED CT does not display correctly.

GF#32066 - Search on Value Set tab with no search string entered causes Value Set list to disappear.

GF#32071 - Hitting "enter" key resets the page on NCIthesaurus Maps page (IE only)

GF#32072 - Quick Links drop-down does not work on NDFRT Value Sets view (IE only)

GF#32073 - Back to Search Results link disappears if a concept is added to the Cart.

GF#32074 - Checkbox Values are not retained in a blank Value Set search.

GF#32075 - Back to Search Results link disappears if a different tab on a concept is selected.

GF#32077 - Top Tier Value Set selected automatically even if user only wants lower tier Value Set to search against.

GF#32078 - Cart link disappears on Value Sets tab.

GF#32088 - Unable to access Select All or All but NCIm buttons using the keyboard on Term Browser

GF#32089 - Back to search result link appears even if not accessing a concept via a search result.

GF#32091 - Map Rank help information has wrong wording.

GF#32124 - GO to NCIt Map does not appear on the Mapping tab.

Known issues

GF#31019 - Bookmark return to Term Browser (using Firefox) returns Terminologies page with incorrect tab highlighted.

GF#31073 - Concept Code search on Mappings tab is case sensitive.

GF#31124 - Clicking Source Name under Mappings does not sort the concepts by name.

GF#31210 - Target Name link does not not sort concepts in Mappings.

GF#31273 - Anonymous concepts appear in value sets.

GF#32120 - UI on FF misaligned on Value Set page of NCIthesaurus

GF#32125 - NCI Term Browser error message

GF#32001 - View in Hierarchy for neoplasms in ICD-10 does not display

CORE Product Dependencies

This product (internally) relies on LexEVS 6.0 APIs for access to all source terminology data. Refer to LexEVS 6.0 for details.

Release History




NCI Thesaurus Browser v1.0


Initial release

NCI Thesaurus Browser v1.2


New Features and fixes

NCI Thesaurus Browser v2.0

November 2011

Access to the CTS 2 functionality provided in LexEVS 6.0

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