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Tool Overview

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The NCIt Browser became part of NCI Term Browser in March 2010.  It is a web-based terminology browser that allows users to browse and search the NCI Thesaurus (NCIt), including content from other sources included in or linked to from NCIt. The terminology information published through the NCIt Browser is retrieved via LexEVS.

Key features of the NCIt Browser 1.0 included:

  • User interface redesigned for a growing user community.
  • Restructured presentation of preferred terms, synonyms, definitions, research codes, external source codes, relationships, edit history, and other information for each concept.
  • Graphical is-a hierarchies for individual concepts or the entire NCIt.
  • Improved performance without limits on data retrieved.
  • Built on the open source LexEVS Terminology Server.

Installation and Downloads

The NCI Thesaurus Browser is a part of the NCI Term Browser web application that opens in the user's browser.

Forum and Support

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

For demo files refer to the documentation.

Documentation and Training

  • Online help
  • No formal NCIt training courses exist in the caBIG® Learning Management System (LMS) at this time.

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