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Author:  Craig Stancl, Scott Bauer, Cory Endle
Team:  LexEVS
Contract:  16X237
Client:  NCI CBIIT
National Institutes of Heath
US Department of Health and Human Services

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The purpose of this document is to capture proposed agenda topics for the 2018 technical face to face meeting with NCI EVS Teams.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

10:00 AM - 11:00 AMRoom 5W034Rob, Tracy, Akhilesh, Cory, Scott, Craig


  • Document new requirements and feedback

  • Proposal which could include updating existing or creating something new.


New Requirements, Enhancements and Feedback

Discussion Points: 

  • Akhilesh recently joined the EVS team and is doing data loads. He has been using the admin UI for loads.
  • Features/current issues
    • Like the ability to sort the columns.
    • Loader list needs to be filtered to NCI-Only. Possible config file to enable ability to customize your list.
    • Like to use the GUI to be able to see more information than in the scripts (list schemes).
    • Exports - Kim was interested using the OWL exporter for mappings. This would be lossy if used for this purpose.
    • Mappings - SwisProt - file is tab delimited but not associated to codings scheme. This is not a GUI issue, but a loader related requirement.
  • Modernization
    • Current UI is showing it's age and (deprecated) technology
    • Thin client
      • Concerns about open ports.
      • A thin client would be nice, but not necessary at this point because everything can be done via script. So even if the current GUI were to no longer function, admin can be completed.
      • The only features only in the GUI are the dashboard look for schemas and view. Might be possible to create a separate query service that would return a similar dashboard viewer.

Proposal ideas for enhancements and modernization

Decision Points:

  • Revisit the loaders for mapping
  • Continue to use the GUI as it is
  • Consider to look at the dashboard viewer (query)

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