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Mapping Tool

Mapping Tool vs "requirements"

Being able to persist mappings opens many options for functionality

Make dual persistance? - file based and secure database.  Only certain people could write to our database.  Others could work on our interface and save locally. 

Possibility of distributing tool, then allowing submissions on mappings

Possible multiple security levels allowing individual workspaces and submission privileges

Zulu Open JDK
Likely no issues.  Any experience with them?


GDC demo.  Others?

  • Discussion of CPTAC demo

EVSRest ElasticSearch
Want to coordinate with me on loading search with data. Elastic Search takes < 1 hour for NCIt.

Hard LexEVS assets
  • Metathesaurus -
    • John working on Stardog relational mapping to UMLS RDB
    • Option - use LexEVS loaded RDB and build Elastic Search on that?
  • Hosted Mappings
    • Map sharing - for review purposes and/or publication purposes
    • Common format for mapping to enable sharing
    • Don't limit future options by current capabilities
  • Hosted Value Sets

Soft LexEVS Assets
  • Search knowledge
  • Ontology knowledge

Stardog upgrade

Currently on Dev 1 being tested.  John C tested and says some queries are up to 10 times faster.

Should be moved to Dev 2 this week, provided testing works.

  • Got new license this week.  Testing it on Dev tiers
  • Will forward when sure

Action items