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Discussion items

  • Had meeting with team and they are continuing to work on Stage
  • I raised the license issue and how we would have to get a 30 day license if we have overlap

  • Scott says he has a fix for the numerical identifiers. Should be in next sprint release?
  • Waiting on SEER to fix capitalization and other syntax issues

LexEVS Test VM
  • Got a notice that it is online but noone has had time to look at it
  • Don't know if there is a deadline for testing
  • Some concern about how lucene will work on a share

Has officially been shut down. Expect the odd database or server to pop up on inventory from time to time over the next 5 years

next lexevs

What is future vision? 6.6? 7? Haven't heard anything on contracts yet. Kumar said he needed Lyubov.

QA issues
Have updated Excel sheets being posted and updated tests to run. Need info on Swathi on where to run the tests. Neoplasm needs RVS run - though there might be a version on QA. There is a definition loaded but hasn't been resolved.

Needs to be loaded with new manifest. The codingScheme name itself needs to have same case.

Odd concept status
How was this detected? The URL was too long for the status column. It threw an exception. I need to find a way to detect this issue in my QA tests. Concept_Status sets the retired status flag. Don't think it uses owl:Deprecated flag or status - need to check

Action items

  • Tracy - update NPO manifest and reload
  • Tracy - Run RVS script against Neoplasm
  • General - test new VM
  • Tracy - reload NCIt on Dev with new Preferences when new loader available
  • Craig - following up with Kumar