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Discussion items


Stardog access for exporter

Curl query? No sparql endpoint.

  • Yang says there is a java connector and will send info
  • Discussed whether dev instance would be onprem or AWS. Scott said properties would be affected but either should run


How to deploy loader?

  • only use for standalones now on DataQA?
    • Loader does have changes for OWL and MetaBatch loader. Source code has implications for indexes and APIs.
    • Need to test 6.5.3 client versus 6.5.4 loaded vocabs. All vocabs on Dev are loaded under 6.5.4.

NCIm not working on Dev,
  • will build but won't deploy. Does seem to work on remote but not local.
  • Check to see what lbconfig.props meta is using on Dev.

LexEVS 6.5.4 status

General status on API and browser with eye to tasks

  • Swathi needs more vocabs for regression testing. Will compile a list
  • Scott will need to do a client test on 6.5.3 - or whatever version caDSR is using
  • I need to find what client caDSR has.

EVSRestAPI status

Visible to people yet? There is a tag on production and ready to go public.

Stardog update to 7
  • AWS Dev? - waiting on application testing
  • Any higher tiers? Not
    • on prem - not yet. Will look at it once AWS done. Needs systems coordination

FTP site issues
Name column shortened. Contacted a week or so back. Jason contacted him again yesterday and he said he would look at it.

Action items

  • Yang - send out Stardog info
  • Tracy - find caDSR LexEVS client version
  • Tracy - check Dev configuration for Meta
  • Scott - set up client test for 6.5.3 vs 6.5.4 loader